The Lord Shall Reign Forever And Ever

Bible Study for 12th Sunday in Trinity.

23rd August, 2015

SUB-THEME: The People To Reign With HIM.
TOPIC: Reigning with the LORD in eternity.
TEXT: Rev.20:4-6; 22:3-5
AIMS: (i) To show that believers in Christ will reign with Him in
(ii) To promote believers’ aspiration to reign with Christ
in eternity.

INTRODUCTION: To reign in life’s situations, as we learned from
last week’s study, is great. However, it is nothing compared to
reigning with the LORD in eternity. The reign with Christ on earth
gives us a foretaste of that to come. Then our sorrows will go
forever and our lack will also go forever. We will have the
awesome presence of the LORD in all eternity. What manner of
men should we be then? How should we therefore face the
transient troubles of this life? Let us keep our eyes and hearts on
the glory above that (what) awaits us.

1a. Describe what you understand by “eternity”.
1b. When will it begin?

2a. Read the following passages and describe the people who will
rule with Christ. Rev.5:9-10; 20:4-6; 22:3-5.
2b. From the same passages, point out when their rule will be and
how long.

3. Examine these passages for a further insight into the type of
people who will rule with Christ. II Tim.2:12; Rev.2:26-27; 3:21.

4. In the light of this study, how should you prepare to partake in
reign with Christ in eternity? II Tim.2:22-25.

CONCLUSION: To reign with Christ in eternity is a wonderful
privilege. The preparation for it begins here on earth, not
hereafter. It is a daily practice that demands diligent communion
with Him, through self search and dedication. We are to draw
strength from th Vine to run the race successfully.
Food for Thought: Those who will reign with Christ in eternity
should give no priority to temporal ephemeral acquisitions.

Memory Verse: Revelation 3:21 GNT
To those who win the victory I will
give the right to sit beside me on my
throne, just as I have been
victorious and now sit by my Father
on his throne.

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